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Modular Lab Limited implements the concept of "making contributions to environment purification, creating benefits for enterprises and building a bright future for staffs", and sets up harmonious enterprise atmosphere.


Modular Lab Limited follows the national strategy, insists on the "intelligent manufacturing" transformation and the "high-end" upgrading. It is earnestly endeavoring to change the production sales and service methods of Chinese similar industries, and committed to building the leading brand of Chinese digital intelligent safe laboratory and becoming the global top laboratory equipment manufacturer.


In adherence to the professional, standardized and marketing strategic guideline, Modular deals with various laboratories GMP design, laboratory decoration, clean workshop decoration, special lab furniture and equipment, medical appliances, HAVC system engineering, hydro-power system engineering, centralized gas supply system engineering, pure water system engineering, monitor control system engineering, waste water and gas treatment system project, and digital intelligent control system, and wholeheartedly provides real one-stop services for the construction of intelligent safe laboratory.


Modular Lab Limited based on its innovative design and top installation technology, provides reasonable room layout for scientific research, equips with advanced instruments and complete supporting devices, and realizes the opening and sharing functions, which can meet the different laboratory environments and requirements.


It has injected infinite innovative power into the Chinese intelligent safe laboratory construction, and turned the advanced originality into strong productivity, so as to promote the national overall technological innovation ability and international competitiveness.


Meanwhile, the digital safe green laboratories, built by Modular, effectively treat and reduce waste and toxic gas, dust and other pollution, become a kind of endless green scientific technology impetus, and act as a significant role in the global environmental-protection cause.


Till now, Modular has successfully completed numerous excellent laboratory projects for national testing departments, scientific research units, hospitals, disease control center, junior colleges, technical secondary schools, state-owned enterprises, global top-500 enterprises, etc.


It has established long-term cooperative relationships with over hundred enterprises, colleges and schools. It enjoys good publicity in the industry and strong brand influence.


Modular insists on winning markets with quality, roots in China and marches into the world. Participated in business communication between China and Pakistan delegation of Guangdong global chamber of commence, and made contributions to promotion the global industrial and commercial industry development.


Modular Lab Limited keeps pace with the world, and wholeheartedly builds the leading brand of reliable, digital, intelligent and safe laboratory.


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Modular Lab Limited, Guided by the innovation-driven strategy, the various walks of life are realizing the transformation from Made in China to Created in China.


Laboratory as a significant part of national technological innovation system, is beneficial to strengthening the reserves of science and technology and original innovative ability and turning enterprise into the technological innovation subject. Till now, numerous national key laboratories have been successively set up nationwide.


In 2009, Modular established the professional comprehensive company offering one-stop service of comprehensive laboratory system construction. Since then, it has forged ahead in progressive, cooperative, honest and innovative spirits, made leap-forward development, gained professional qualifications in many fields, and successively set up many branches.


In 2009 Got ISO14001 Environment Management System, more and more clients trust us cause we are the environment protector.


In 2010 Got ISO9001 Quality Management System, our products get well reputation cause the good quality.


In 2011 Got The Decoration and Design Certification level Three, make cooperation with foshan traditional chinese medicine hospital.


In 2012 Got The Mechatronics and Intelligent Certification, make cooperation with guanzhou new resources beverage.


In 2013 Got Medical Equipment Lincense, make cooperation with hubei yilu company.


In 2014 Got SIRA Occupational Health Certification, make cooperation with guagndong zhimeizhai food company.


In 2015 Got Work Safety License, make coopration with Novartis in PK branch.


In 2016 Got The Decoration and Design Certification level Two, make coopration with guangzhou health school.

Modular Lab Limited Modular Lab Limited Modular Lab Limited Modular Lab Limited Modular Lab Limited Modular Lab Limited
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Brands : Modular

No. of Employees : 150~2000

Annual Sales : 2500000-3500000

Year Established : 2009

Export p.c : 60% - 70%


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